Datify Your System – Part 1

With Lightning, there are many new incredible tools and features that can be leveraged to optimize the data experience in your Salesforce org! Join us as we explore some of our favorite features.

Where Have I Been?

This month I celebrate 9 years with Salesforce. ūü•≥ I reflect on my journey, my initial introductions, and where I am today. Salesforce has literally transformed my life on so many levels.

The ABC’s of Salesforce

Better late than never, right? At least in most (read as: some) cases!¬†My apologies for my disappearing act. With a month full of High Holidays, it was quite hard to keep up with things. Moving forward I will try to post regularly again. The feedback I have been getting is tremendous and I want to […]

Dreamforce: My Highlights as a Newbie

Dreamforce. Keynote. Dreamforce. Presentation. Dreamforce. Sessions. Dreamforce. Swag¬†Dreamforce. Comfy Shoes. Dreamforce. Agenda Builder. Dreamforce. Saasy.¬†Dreamforce.¬†Dreamforce.¬†Dreamforce. For the past few months, as excitement for Dreamforce 15‘ grew, these are just some of the ideas and terms floating around the cloud. The countless article, blog posts, tweets and videos could not do enough to prepare me for […]

Lookup Vs. Master-Detail: The Real Difference

I have a confession: For a long time, I never really understood the difference between a “Lookup” field and¬†the “Master-Detail” lookup field.¬†Whenever I needed to create a field that referenced another object, I would read over the Salesforce explanation and then randomly chose one field. Over time I discovered various nuances, but the real “Aha!” […]

LastPass: Making Magic of Passwords

If you’re anything like me, or even nothing like me at all, you are probably logging into multiple sites each day – several times a day! On any given day, I can be logging into 4 Gmail accounts and 5 Salesforce instances. Remembering all those usernames and passwords can be quite a task. Enter LastPass*, […]

#StruckByLightning – The Lightning Experience

As the Salesforce community celebrated Adam Seligman‚Äôs 16th birthday, thousands of users gathered at 100 locations across the world (with many more viewing it live) to experience the introduction to the Lightning Experience. I happened to be in New York, so this was my 2nd Salesforce event that I got to attend. ¬†The ambiance, d√©cor […]

Tasks: Create your Own Reminders (Using Process Builder and Flows)

This post is in collaboration with Gorav Seth who¬†patiently¬†led me step by step to mastering¬†this magic! His blog post includes some screenshots (using the event object) of the steps involved. Thanks, Gorav! *** Wouldn’t it be great to get a reminder when a task is due…Like,¬†an email straight to your inbox alerting you, ” Hey […]

Top Tip # 2

So, you’re a new admin¬†adding users to your organization. But what do all those fields really mean? You enter the first name, the last name, alias auto-populates¬†and then you look at the next field. Email. Easy enough. Enter the new user’s email.¬†Username. Re-enter the email? It might work and it might not. You see, email […]

Salesforce Certification: My Journey

With 3 Salesforce¬†Certifications under my belt (and one earned today!), I feel that it’s time for me to share my experiences and paths to this accomplishment.¬†For many, the exam seems daunting and they shy away from it. ¬†Please read on and check out the resources below to find your path to certification. ADMINISTRATOR:¬†About 9 months […]