It’s been a hot 🔥 moment since I last blogged here. A very hot moment!

So where have I been the past 4️⃣ years, 11 months and 3 days?

In August 2015, I joined the incredible team at Cloud4Good (C4G) as a Cloud Consultant ☁️. It was an wonderful journey working with thought-leaders and innovators of nonprofit technology. C4G engages exclusively with nonprofits and higher-education organizations, and they are known the be the leaders in the industry. When I was a newbie admin, it was my dream to work at Cloud for Good and it was gratifying to meet that experience. More on that some other time. It deserves a TedTalk of its own!

Cloud 4 Good developed an App for Synagogue management. 🕍 During my time there, I joined the product team and managed development, support and client implementations.

After about 2 years with the company, C4G sold the App to TogetherWork – a company that specializes in group management software and payment processing. ⚙️ I moved along with the App as Product Manager. In my new (and current!) role, I collaborate with a variety of teams across multiple product lines and functional roles. It is delightful to engage with great minds with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Which brings me to today! 😃

This month I celebrate 9 years with Salesforce. 🥳 I reflect on my journey, my initial introductions, and where I am today. Salesforce has literally transformed my life on so many levels. My career, my focus, my drive, my contribution to the world, my lifestyle. I am able to dream and dream big thanks to Salesforce. 🙏🏻

I am excited to reignite this blog 🎊 and share my passion and love ❤️ for all things Salesforce!

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