Integrating Task Record with Lightning Web Components (LWC)

computer screens with LWC and code for it

Integrating Task Record with Lightning Web Components (LWC) Enhancing Salesforce Records with LWC Unlock the potential of Salesforce by mastering the integration LWC Task integration. LWCs are a powerful tool for developers to build dynamic and custom interfaces within Salesforce. These modern UI components are designed to be highly performant and offer a reactive experience. […]

Why Lightning Trumps Multi-Select Picklists

Salesforce Lightning Dashboard

Why Lightning Trumps Multi-Select Picklists Salesforce users often turn to picklists, and occasionally multi-select picklists, in an attempt to streamline data segmentation. These fields can even act as controlling fields, influencing the available options in other picklist fields. However, treading this path with Salesforce multi-select picklists is risky, potentially leading to tangled data and convoluted […]

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce Flows for Custom Opportunity Roll-Ups

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce Flows for Custom Opportunity Roll-Ups A recent client project presented a scenario that many businesses require: aggregating data from the Opportunity to the Opportunity’s primary contact based on the Opportunity Type. We needed to account for the existing client data, as well as any future Records that would be created. […]

Salesforce Flows: Revolutionizing Automation

Salesforce Flows: Revolutionizing Automation In the constantly evolving landscape of Salesforce, automation remains a core focus. Enter Salesforce Flows – the platform’s next-gen tool aiming to revolutionize how businesses visualize and implement automation. This tool is more than just a buzzword; it’s a testament to Salesforce’s commitment to enhanced user experience and efficient process management. […]

Salesforce x Netsuite Address Sync

Salesforce & Netsuite are monster tech names for large corporations and integrating the two systems can be a real beast. While they both have powerful APIs, there are other ways to connect the systems. Recently, we worked with a client that had been using Netsuite for several years as their ERP. As their business expanded, […]

How I Built That: Files Download Quick Link

A recent system review with a client revealed a tedious and repetitive task. The client’s org contains Files related to a Custom Object we will call “ObjectX”. These Files are XML format and therefore cannot be previewed directly in Salesforce. To view the File, a User needs to access Navigate to Files Related List>Click on […]

Working with Workato

With Workato, we were able to receive SMS data from Twilio, process the content based on the business requirements, and then take action in Salesforce.

Tech Stack Talk

Tech stack decisions is an important conversation in all technology, with many additional nuances when it comes to Salesforce. In the Salesforce development world, there are out of the box offerings, Salesforce Clouds, custom build, and Appexchange as the primary options. Choosing to custom build, say over using an App on the Appechange is a […]