Last week I showed a client their Salesforce implementation requirements document. It listed their current business and functional needs, and indicated which items would be addressed in the scope of the project. The client was blown away to see all the requirements listed and segmented by department.

It got me thinking. The person that I was working with knows his business really well. He can describe company processes in detail, and outline areas of success or improvement.

And yet, seeing the requirements written out impressed him.

He was amazed to see his needs transcribed in such a fashion. He was fascinated to read his company’s processes documented.

This was probably the first time he paused and reviewed their internal workings. The systems being used, how they are used, and how they relate to each other. The actions completed by different team members to complete a sale.

I encourage you all to undergo this practice on a regular basis. Dive into your organization’s processes and procedures. Write them out to really get a handle on what is involved. Review this with the team. You might be able to identify areas of improvements, of redundancy, of outdated procedures.

And then take your business to the next level.

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