Meet Us

CloudRay Solutions is where business meets technology in a strategic and results-driven fashion. We specialize in strategic solutions for SMB and nonprofits.

We are led by Rachel Natik, a 6X certified Salesforce guru who is part of the Salesforce ecosystem for over 10 years. She has worked with dozens of companies and nonprofits, helping them amplify their success with Salesforce. She is a specialist in process flows, system design, Salesforce configuration and integrations. She is also an Apsona matter expert and FormAssembly certified.

One thought on “Meet Us

  1. Rachel,

    Tal suggested I reach out to you. I’m a Salesforce consultant, also largely in the nonprofit space, and have been speaking to a Jewish congregation that’s considering moving to Salesforce. They’ve asked me for other synagogues that are already using Salesforce, and that’s where I was hoping you might be able to help. Have you worked with groups who might be willing to have a call with them to discuss? My contact information is included, please let me know when you have a chance, I’d appreciate it very much.



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